Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

The first step is to send us an email (service@buntrockgardner.buntrockharrisongardner.com) to schedule a free consultation. We can then start representing you or your company as soon as we establish that there are no potential conflicts of interest (e.g., that we do not represent a party on the other side of your transaction); and you execute our standard engagement letter and pay the requisite retainer deposit.

Assuming I need a good business lawyer, why should I engage Buntrock Harrison & Gardner?

Buntrock, Harrison & Gardner are a skilled and caring group of attorneys who provide exceptional service with a very individualized emphasis. We live in a community we love and we work hard to make it a better place to not only do business but to also live and raise a family. We have a proven track record of helping numerous businesses, large and small, successfully move through their legal issues with efficiency and integrity.

Do I really need a will or trust if I don’t have a large net worth?

Most everyone should have some kind of estate plan. Wills and trusts are not just for the wealthy. If your net worth is more than $100,000 or you have dependent children or you own property, then you need a will or trust. If you were to suddenly become incapacitated or pass away, you don’t want someone else deciding who gets what when—least of all the courts and attorneys! You want your finances, assets and loved ones protected.

Without a will, you are completely dependent upon the courts to sort through your inheritance—or worse yet—to decide who will take care of needy or disabled family members. Probate court is inevitable: that translates into delays and additional court and attorney costs.

A will gives you greater independence over your assets.

A trust gives you complete independence and privacy over your financial matters. A trust has a slightly higher upfront cost, but overall is less money to create because there is no court involvement, no delays and, therefore, no added costs.

Our estate planning services at Buntrock & Gardner Law provide complete estate plans: wills, trust agreements, powers of attorney, health care powers of attorney and living wills. Your estate planning needs may include provisions for asset preservation or gun trusts.

Our goal is to protect your assets for you and your heirs, and reduce the possibility of probate.

Why hire a business or real estate attorney, when I can use web services such as LegalZoom or DocStoc?

You certainly can use web services, but you’ll receive no personal or individualized legal advice. Web documents are merely one-size-fits-all forms and provide no specific help for your particular situation. You need a business and real estate attorney to protect you from legal pitfalls and to ensure safe landing during your business and real estate transactions. Skilled attorneys—like those at Buntrock & Gardner—offer sound judgment and advice and will identify significant risks and help negotiate critical terms. You don’t get that kind of service from a fill-in-the-black document.

I want to start a new business. How can the business attorneys at Buntrock & Gardner Law help me?

The attorneys at Buntrock & Gardner have vast experience in creating and maintaining limited liability companies, general and limited partnerships, and limited liability partnerships. We provide individualized service and explain in simple terms your options and how best to navigate the legal waters when setting up your new business.

Our business attorneys also prepare a wide range of documents required for running a business: employment contracts, purchase contracts, buy/sell agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements, real estate and personal property leases, joint venture agreements, distributorship agreements and other types of business contracts.

What kind of legal services do you provide?

At Buntrock & Gardner Law, we provide a broad range of corporate, business and real estate legal services—from idea to execution. From startup
counseling and general corporate matters to angel and venture capital financings to mergers, acquisitions and sales of businesses and complex real estate transactions. Buntrock & Gardner Law also specializes in estate planning, representation of owners in the hospitality industry, construction law and commercial landlord issues. You can find a complete list of our services on our Services page.

How much will attorney costs be if I decide to engage an attorney at Buntrock, Harrison & Gardner Law?

It depends. One of our Arizona attorneys will personally talk to you via the telephone or in person—at no charge—to discuss your project and the billing options. In some cases, we may be able to provide a flat or fixed fee: that means no matter how long it takes us to complete the project, you pay only one fee. This is an attractive option for many entrepreneurs and startups on a tight budget.

Other matters may be more suitable billed on an hourly basis, which our attorneys will determine after the initial free consultation. Still, other cases are taken on a contingency basis. That means attorney fees will only be collected if/when the client receives money from that particular case. Regardless of the arrangement, our goal is to make you comfortable — and to ensure there are no surprises when you receive your invoice.